Luciano Arango

"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." -William G.T. Shedd

Hi, I'm Luciano Arango.
I'm an undergraduate undergraduate studying computer science and economics at Harvard University. I like to code. code in C, python, and javascript.C because it gives me so much control over everything I want to build but I like python because it lets me perform similar projects without having to worry about the small stuff. I love javascript because I can code up something that looks awesome in no time. I've recently started getting interested in analyzing data to find cool trends. I like other things.reading the news a lot, traveling, going out with friends, and reading about interesting things on Reddit or Hacker News. Most of all, I love working in teams making awesome products or trying to break* those that aren't that great. Currently working as a Teaching Fellow for CS50, teaching C to undergraduates at Harvard.

* while following all the laws.

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